A remote transaction is a 6-stage purchase process not involving a trip to Phuket

Buy property in Layan Green Park project on Phuket using just internet. This is fast and legal. You do not need any documents except passport.

Buying without visiting the island

How easy it is to choose and buy apartments in the Layan Green Park complex, while being at home - a video for a few minutes:

An example of a remote transaction

A studio apartment with a free a set of furniture.

The Client was planning to buy two apartments but could not come to Phuket to view them. She had no experience of remote transactions of real estate; therefore, she was hesitant. But our “8% for 5 years” guaranteed return program gave encouraged her to make the first step.

As a test, the Client bought 30m² studio at THB 3,78 million (USD 115,000). Form of ownership is leasehold.

Soon she plans to conclude a purchase for the second apartment.

An example of a remote transaction

Upgrade from studio to one-bedroom apartment.

Two Clients each bought one studio when they were on the island. After returning home, making calculations and talking with our manager, they came to the conclusion that one-bedroom apartments with access to the pool would be a more liquid investment (at the time of purchase, apartments of this type were still at the design stage and were not for sale). After the approval of the project, we renegotiated a contract with them for one-bedroom apartments.

Apart from that, we informed all Clients about the possibility to sign new Contracts and a few more Clients upgraded their purchased property to more comfortable one-bedroom apartments.

Stages of the remote transaction

Choosing the apartment

You choose the apartment using the price lists you receive, floor plans and consultations with the manager.

Please start to choose your apartment now

To do that, please leave a request to the manager of the company and she will get back to you as soon as possible.

Stages of the remote transaction

Reservation Agreement

We sign a preliminary agreement to take the apartment of your choice from the offer list. Reservation agreement not only ensures that the apartment in taken off the offer list, but also guarantees that the apartment price becomes fixed. Usually, apartments grow in value as the construction progresses.

Stages of the remote transaction

Transfer of deposit.

You pay the invoiced amount of the reservation deposit. We will tell you where and how to send the payment, if necessary, we will give detailed instructions to your bank.

Stages of the remote transaction

Contract and Invoice

Within a month we will prepare a Sale and Purchase contract and issue the invoice, a document used in international commerce, which contains a full list of the purchased properties.

You sign the contract and send it back to us.

Stages of the remote transaction

Payment according to a schedule

Payments are tied to the stages of construction, as is customary for most developers. The payment schedule is the essential addendum to the Sale and Purchase Contract. It contains full payment instructions including amounts and payment periods.

Stages of the remote transaction

Acceptance of apartment

You can come to the island to inspect the apartment in person. But it is not necessary if you use our remote transaction scheme. Our manager can inspect the property on your behalf and will help you to prepare all documents.

Security of the remote transaction


Is fully compliant with the law

Use of remote transactions to purchase property is fully legal and are widely concluded around the world. The simplicity of this procedure is one of the distinctive features of Thailand legislation.


Wide competences

Our key team is working on the Phuket property market since 2012, they have wide experience of remote sales of single studio apartments as well as full floors of condominiums.


This is a direct transaction

No third parties or intermediary companies are involved in the transaction. All financial and contractual arrangements are done directly with the developer Layan Green Park.


Real experience

Some of the apartments in Layan Green Park are already sold remotely without a visit to Phuket.

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