Duplex B

Total area

108.81 sq. m.


not for sale

Duplex is a special two-storey apartment. On the ground floor there is a spacious living area with an integrated kitchen and a bathroom, on the second floor there are two bedrooms with a shared bathroom. Each duplex has two terraces and access to the pool.

Duplex B


Duplex B Duplex B Duplex B

Front terrace - 12.63 sq. m.

Living room - 21.18 sq. m.

Kitchen - 10.82 sq. m.

Dressing room - 3.60 sq. m.

Pantry and staircase - 5.30 sq. m.

Back terrace - 7.00 sq. m.

Pool garden - 3.53 sq. m.

Bedroom 1 - 14.47 sq. m.

Bedroom 2 - 12.52 sq. m.

Bathroom 1 - 5.44 sq. m.

Bathroom 2 - 6.00 sq. m.

Hall - 6.32 sq. m.





Microwave Oven


Cutlery and dishes

3 TV sets

Bathroom equipment



2 double beds

4 bedside tables



2 armchairs

Coffee table

3 TV stands

Dining table with 4 chairs

Kitchen furniture

Upholstered furniture on the terrace

Duplex B

Options and Prices

This type of apartment is currently not for sale.

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