Layan Green Park is adapting to new rules dictated to the world by COVID-19

We do everything to ensure that our future guests will feel confident that their health and safety are being respected and protected as the project design meets the “new normal” standards of the post COVID-19 hospitality industry. Please see the Forbes articles for details


Minimum contact with the surfaces

Automatic doors and sensor faucets/automatic flush toilets in all the public areas (lobby, restaurant, SPA, kids club, fitness zone) will help to reduce the contact/ touching.



Special finishing materials such as anti-bacteria and eco-friendly laminate, easy to clean materials (artificial stone, floor and wall tiles, etc.) will help to maintain the surface free of any bacteria and virus.


Social distancing

Adding partitions in the lobby and restaurant will keep social distancing.



We will use a UV-C Light in the AC ducts. A portable UV-C light sanitizer will be used in the kids club and gym during the non-working hours.

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