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The Key Team of Layan Green Park Project consists of two companies

since 2011 on Phuket

Architecture and Design

RDM designed 112 different facilities in Thailand which includes villa complexes, hotels and condominiums. Scope of work: architecture, interior, landscape and engineering design.

since 1997 on Phuket

Project management

DMG is a leading company with 30 years of experience in the Thai market. Scope of work: project management during the design stage and consultation on EDGE certification.


Among others, the following companies provide us special environmental and energy-saving solutions necessary to fulfill certain requirements of EDGE certification

since 2014 on Phuket

Solar panels

Phuket Solar completed 15 large scale projects in Phuket. Scope of work: Supply, installation and maintenance of solar panels.

since 2015 on Phuket

Smart Home Technology

Phuket Technology started their operation in Phuket in 2015, and they have also 25 years of experience in Europe. Scope of work: Advising on the installation and implementation of smart home technologies.

since 2001 on the market

Chlorine-free pools

Enviroswim installed a safe water cleaning system for more than 10,000 pools. Scope of work: installation and maintenance of water cleaning system which use a powerful combination of silver and copper electrodes, ionization and ultrasonics to remove bacteria, fungi and viruses in the pool.


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