EDGE system for the international classification of green buildings

In the design and construction of Layan Green Park we use the EDGE international environmental certification system. Currently, the EDGE certification system is used in more than 150 countries.

EDGE is an international environmental standard for buildings, software for construction developers, as well as a common certification system for "green" buildings or "green" construction.

EDGE provides support to developers at all stages, from the design stage to commissioning. Already now, at the design stage, we are laying down the criteria necessary for certification that will significantly increase the efficiency of the complex.

Layan Green Park green technologies

Solar panels will reduce energy consumption, and accordingly reduce energy costs
Landscaping the territory and facades will reduce the level of carbon emissions
The use of rainwater will reduce water consumption and lead to a significant reduction in water supply costs
The quality of management tools, effective control and optimization of all systems, will reduce the cost of building maintenance

The application of these technologies will allow us to show reduction in energy and water consumption in the range from 20% to 40% in comparison with the basic indicators of similar buildings and get an international certificate of environmental friendliness EDGE.

615 kW / h

This is how much electricity we have generated since the launch of solar panels, it is equivalent to:

tons of coal
tons of CO2
THB saving

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