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Elon Musk
We choose EDGE
EDGE is an international standard for green buildings that confirms environmentally sustainable business practices. It includes a cloud platform for sustainability and utility costs calculation. EDGE was launched in 2014 with funding from the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs. Now it is supported by the UK government and exists in over 170 countries.
Information about us on the EDGE website Ecology
Energy Saving Solution

All savings targets are approximate and may slightly change during the construction period.

Water Saving Solutions

All savings targets are approximate and may slightly change during the construction period.

Environmentally sustainable project management methods
Reduced consumption with our management method compared to the industry standard
Ecology = 28g (grams)
Ecology Ecology Ecology = standard daily consumption per person
17.7 tonnes of annual plastic consumption
Complete ban on plastic water bottles
Ecology 150g = standard daily consumption per person.
37.9 tonnes of total annual consumption including 20% food waste.
Ecology 143 tonnes of CO2 = the amount of emissions from the delivery of products from the USA and Europe.
Maximum reduction in product imports
Ecology 5g - weight of one A4 sheet.
10 sheets are required for each check-in which equals 2.3 tonnes of annual consumption.
Ecology Therefore, we save 60 trees every year.
Paperless check-in
Advantages of green building
Minimization of the negative impact

Green building is more beneficial for and less harmful to the environment which ultimately helps us take care of ourselves, our children and future generations.

Protection of the environment

In the future, high-tech and energy-efficient facilities will be in greater demand compared to regular buildings. This guarantees competitiveness in the real estate rent and sale market to the owners.

Reduction of the utility cost

We use technologies that will reduce electricity and water consumption by more than 40% to help the owners to save on utility bills during the operation of the building.

6243 kW/h

This is how much electricity has been generated since the launch of our solar panels, it is equivalent to:

tonnes of coal
tonnes of CO2
THB saving
Watch our video about ecology and certification
Participation in environmental conservation activities